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From sovereign disaster risk finance and critical infrastructure protection to uncorrelated, attractive, risk-adjusted and ESG meaningful portfolio diversification.

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Where insurance meet capital markets

US National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) define Insurance-linked securities as "products of the rapid development of financial innovation and the process of convergence between the insurance industry and the capital markets." 

In practical terms that means....

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Cherry picked selection of news on ILS, DRF, Reinsurance and other matters related to our activities. Updated on a weekly basis.

Hong Kong reveals insurance-linked securities (ILS) grant details

Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority (IA), the independent insurance and reinsurance regulator for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK SAR) of the People’s Republic of China, has now published initial details of its insurance-linked securities (ILS) grant scheme. Back in February of this year, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Paul Chan revealed plans for a Pilot Insurance‑linked Securities Grant Scheme that will pay as much as HK $12 million per issuance, which is close to US $1.6 million of potential ILS or catastrophe bond issuance cost savings for sponsors choosing

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Singapore to reduce investment reporting & disclosure rules for ILS issuers

ARTEMIS: In aiming to make its insurance-linked securities (ILS) regulatory environment as appealing as possible, the government of Singapore is listening to market participants and enhancing rules surrounding ILS and catastrophe bond issuance structures, to reduce friction for sponsors and other parties involved in transactions. Ever since the start of Singapore’s journey into insurance-linked securities (ILS), the country’s Monetary Authority has promised to listen to the industry and work to update its offering for ILS issuance, to meet sponsor and investor needs. In a recent move, the Monetary Authority of

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作者:托比·普格(Toby Pughe FCII)和基里尔·萨弗拉索夫 (Kirill K. Savrassov) 在“一带一路”倡议帮助下,新的基础设施已成功地建设了。但是自然灾害会威胁到大型基础设施项目,在新丝绸之路沿线的发展中国家造成金融动荡。保险连结证券可以减轻这种风险,但是当地机关需要更深刻地了解该工具。 保护缺口,即经济损失和保险损失之间的差额,对保险市场和风险管理负责人都是致命的反映。发达市场和新兴市场都存在着保护缺口,但在发达市场中,巨灾风险覆盖率约为35%,而在发展中国家仅为6%。根据AON的数据,去年自然灾害带来了2,680亿美元的经济损失,其中只有970亿美元得到了保险。发展中国家遭受的未保险损失所占比例过大,在与气候变化有关的自然灾害持续了数十年之久之后,企业和政府所遭受的损失却有增长。 Read more

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