Stone Ridge Asset Management to launch two reinsurance-linked funds


A new investment management firm, formed this year and headquartered in New York, is launching two reinsurance-linked investment funds targeting investors looking for either a medium yield or high yield approach to reinsurance investing. Stone Ridge Asset Management is led by CEO Ross Stevens, a former Magnatar Capital co-head of portfolio management. We understand that these reinsurance strategy funds are the first to be launched by the firm.

From the information we’ve seen in SEC filings, after we noticed the report on FINalternatives here, Stone Ridge Asset Management are actively fund-raising for two reinsurance-linked investment hedge funds, both of which will invest in instruments across the insurance-linked security and reinsurance spectrum. The SEC documents show that one fund will target a median return for investors while the other will make investments in riskier reinsurance-linked assets to provide a higher yield to its investors.