Why Russian doomsday climate predictions may prove prophetic


Climate change was back in the spotlight for the Russian media last week, with doomsday-style predictions of more extreme weather events, rapidly warming Arctic and growing global average temperatures.

The scary headlines literally say stuff like Arctic temperatures might rise by up to 7 degrees by 2100 compared to 2.8 degrees globallyClimate change means more extreme weather eventsand Average temperatures in Russia growing twice as fast as globally – things mentioned in WWF Russia’s  “Answering the Climate Sceptic’s 100 Questions” handbook.

While some of those stories are invariably generic, others boast frightening numbers, albeit without all that boring stuff like scenarios, confidence levels and uncertainty, or even where the data was taken from.

Stone Ridge successfully raises initial target assets for two ILS funds


Stone Ridge Asset Management, a New York based investment firm launched last year by former Magnatar Capital co-head of portfolio management Ross Stevens, has successfully raised its initial target capital for its two insurance-linked securities (ILS) and reinsurance-linked investment funds, according to SEC documents. The manager launched two reinsurance-linked funds in the last quarter of 2012 and had completed its first round of fundraising by the end of January.

The two funds, called the Stone Ridge Reinsurance Risk Premium Fund and Stone Ridge High Yield Reinsurance Risk Premium Fund, both target the returns of the reinsurance market by investing in a range of reinsurance opportunities from catastrophe bonds, ILS, event-linked bonds, industry-loss warranties (ILW’s), quota shares, longevity bonds, mortality bonds and other types of reinsurance securities.