Tencent shows tech’s appetite to own access to reinsurance capital

Tencent Holdings Ltd., the Chinese multinational technology conglomerate, has provided one of the clearest examples of a tech giant wanting to own its access to reinsurance capital, a trend we’ve been anticipating would emerge.

Our regular readers know we have a passion for technology, alongside risk transfer and use of efficient capital, believing that the efficiencies of advanced tech can be combined with efficient access to reinsurance capital, in order to provide better, more responsive and ultimately cost-effective insurance products to consumers.

There have been a number of glimpses of this kind of development over the years, with most of the major technology giants of the world having some interest in insurance or reinsurance, or toying with how they themselves access risk capital.

Amazon, Google, Tesla, among others, as well as investors in tech like Softbank, have all been closely linked with initiatives to access reinsurance capital more efficiently, either for pure risk management purposes, or to enable the delivery of customised and better-priced insurance solutions.


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