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Производные страховые инструменты (ILS) помогут решить вопрос финансирования последствий природных катастроф

Не секрет, что в рамках инициативы «Пояс и Путь» возводится или реконструируется большое количество объектов критической инфраструктуры. Однако, такие проекты подвержены рискам крупных стихийных бедствий, способных создать серьезные финансовые потрясения в транзитных странах «Нового шёлкового пути». Производные страховые инструменты (Insurance-Linked Securities) могут эффективно помочь в решении вопроса финансирования последствий природных катастроф, но представителям государств и заинтересованным специалистам необходимо больше знаний о возможностях этого инструмента. «Разрыв» в защите, т.е. разница между понесенными и застрахованными убытками, является

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Cat bond growth propelled by strong investor demand: Moody’s

Moody’s has reported that the catastrophe bond market saw record issuance in 2020 despite a brief pause in Q2 following a particularly tumultuous period for the financial markets. And looking ahead through 2021, the rating agency expects cat bond issuance to continue to grow with strong investor demand for the asset class, evidenced by a reduction in spreads and upsized deals seen over the last several quarters. According to Moody’s future growth in the ILS market will

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Cat bond activity may give multi-strategy funds room to expand

The acceleration of activity in the global catastrophe bond market over the last few months could now drive an opportunity for a number of multi-strategy investment funds to expand, as the availability of paper has increased even causing some investment managers to lift the shutters on closed funds, we understand. Which could drive more capital to look at catastrophe bonds and perhaps other insurance-linked securities (ILS), or the more structured collateralised reinsurance opportunities such as

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Global insurance protection gap hit $1.4 trillion high in 2020: Swiss Re

The global insurance protection gap, or the gap between economic losses and those that are insured, widened in 2020 as pandemic related effects drove global macroeconomic resilience to decline by 18%, according to a measure by reinsurance firm Swiss Re. Swiss Re Institute has published its Resilience Index, which shows that the COVID-19 pandemic reduced global macroeconomic resilience by close to a fifth in 2020. Global economic growth is expected to recover strongly in 2021,

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The only asset class that helps people rebuild after natural disasters

A core reason that insurance-linked securities (ILS), such as catastrophe bonds and other reinsurance linked investments, are considered as socially responsible investments by many allocators is the fact they deploy their capital into natural disaster recovery and rebuilding. While ESG, environment, social and governance factors, are now seen as becoming critical for insurance-linked securities (ILS) strategies future popularity, the truth is that at least the S (social) aspect of ESG has been firmly embedded in

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پتانسیل ILS در ابتکار کمربند و جاده

با توجه به چنین هزینه های به تریلیون دلار و تحولات اصلی در 68 کشور که در سه قاره گسترش یافته است، بسیار طبیعی است که ابتکار کمربند و جاده چین در همه کشورهای شرکت کننده و بخش های تجاریتوجه خاصی را جلب می کند. AsiaInsuranceReview با Kirill Savrasov مدیر اجراییPhoenix CRetro در مورد اوراق بهادار مربوطبه بیمه به عنوان گزینه انتقال خطر با BRI صحبت کرد. پروژه های مرتبط با BRI قطعا با چالش

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More & better “catastrophe-triggered” instruments needed: UN Sec-Gen Guterres

United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres has again said that the world needs more catastrophe-triggered financing and better instruments to support the delivery of climate financing, to enhance disaster resilience, fund adaptation measures and finance climate risk. Speaking today at the Insurance Development Forum’s (IDF) Summit 2021, UN Secretary General Guterres explained the important roles of the insurance sector (within which we’d include reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) of course) in adapting to a

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Generali targets EUR200m Lion III Re “green cat bond”

Italian and global insurance giant Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. is back in the catastrophe bond market with its fourth issuance, a EUR 200 million Lion III Re DAC cat bond through which it is seeking collateralized catastrophe reinsurance while adding “green” features to a cat bond issue. It’s Assicurazioni Generali’s first cat bond issuance since 2017, it’s fourth in total, and marks a renewal of that also EUR 200 million Lion II Re DAC deal, although covering fewer

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Secondary cat bond trading rises as $3.3bn May issuance drives portfolio changes

The volume of catastrophe bond notes traded on the secondary market rose again in May 2021, as insurance-linked securities (ILS) fund managers and cat bond investors adjusted their portfolios to accept the strong almost $3.3 billion of primary issuance seen during the month. May 2021 saw the highest level of primary issuance of catastrophe bonds so far in 2021,. The close to $3.3 billion of new cat bonds issued came from 9 144A cat bonds

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